How to Get the Most out of Using Google Slides for Notes

Last year was a hard year for me.  I had a rowdy group of students who disliked anything I wanted to do, my classroom management was terrible, in all honesty, I was ready to throw in the towel.  So this summer I decided to review all the things I wasn’t having fun doing in my classroom. The biggest one? NOTES.

When I look through my resources, I find a TON of notes presentations. PowerPoints, Google Slides and even Google Slides that started as PowerPoints. Every year, I would try and jazz them up. Change the theme, add some more relatable images, I have even started fresh and mixed up the information.  But one thing has always stayed the same, no matter how often I try to freshen things up.  They’re boring.

You’re probably wondering, how could a presentation with a trendy theme, well sources images and up-to-date curriculum be boring? Well it’s not the presentation’s fault, it’s the lesson that follows.  Me, in front of the class, speaking to my students, while they scribble notes that most of them won’t reread. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes that’s exactly what needs to happen, but if I look back at University, lectures were the hardest part of the day, not the 5 hours of homework that came after them.

So now what? Recreate the wheel? HECK NO! — I want you guys to like me, not resent me! Still friends right?

All we need to do is flip it.  Instead of you presenting the information to the kids, cut that information out and have students go looking for it. This strategy encourages students to interact with resources available to them, like textbooks or articles.  And we all know that the more you interact with new information, the more likely you are to retain it!


Seriously that easy.

Don’t have 1:1 in your classroom? NO PROBLEM!  Print of the slides for students to fill in by hand.  You can select to have up to 9 slides per page to save paper or just put 1 slide per page to help students who may be visually impaired.  (File >> Print Settings and Preview). And it’s so easy to modify.  You can add fill in the blanks for students who slower to copy, or ask students for examples if they need a challenge.