Oh, hey!

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my little piece of the interweb!! I’m Kristen, and this is my 4th attempt at starting a blog (I am a serial unfinisher, not to be confused with quitter because I don’t quit, I just procrastinate finishing for 5 years.). My first blog is lost somewhere in 2003 and my second one died after a long trip to Europe, but you can check it out HEREAnd then I started a third, that I just remembered after a 1-hour blog hole of nostalgia while visiting my second blog.  Please don’t hold those against me, I am much more committed this time (I actually BOUGHT my first domain!!!).

That brings me to why we’re here!  I’m a French Immersion Middle School Science Teacher in Leduc, Alberta (well that was a mouthful), and I LOVE to learn.  Through my foraging of Pinterest, Teachers Pay Teachers and Instagram I have found some amazing educators that inspire me, but I have also found a huge void.  I have noticed that there is a lack of Canadian content, especially resources in French. If you know of any you’d like to share, please let me know in the comments! In addition to French, I also LOVE Google Apps for Education (GAFE).  Last summer I got my teacher certification and have been dabbling in HyperDocs. Badge-GCE-Level1.jpgBadge-GCE-Level2.jpg While designing templates for my HyperDocs, I fell in love creating digital resources and decided that this summer I would launch my TPT store.

In celebration, I decided to create a free Teacher Planner! This planner is designed with secondary education in mind, based on simplicity and low-cost printing.  If you’re interested in an editable version, I will have it available for $5 in my store.

What’s included?

  1.  Your choice of 2 cover pages
  2. 2-page calendar spread from August 2017 to July 2018
  3.  12 calendar pages (August to July)
  4. Customizable 2-page monthly spread
  5. 2 different timetable layouts.
  6. 3 different 2-page weekly planning sheets
  7. Year planning page
  8. Student checklist